Why send 12 Red Roses?

Sending 12 red roses has long been one of the most romantic deeds in many countries throughout the world. But how did this tradition start? We can trace the giving and receiving of bouquets of 12 red roses back to Victorian Britain when men and women enjoyed expressing their emotions with flowers.

Roses are believed to have been growing on our planet for the last 35 million years and have long been a symbol of affection. In fact, the relationship can be traced back as far as Ancient Greece when the rose was linked to both Aphrodite and Venus, who themselves embodied femininity and love.

The number twelve appears throughout history as an important and magical number: It has many biblical references, but was also an important number for the Ancient Greeks as well as being significant in Islamic, Jewish and Hindu scriptures and cultures. The number 12 is also of key mathematical significance as well as being a cyclical unit of time across the world: The Chinese calendar has 12 symbols, and there are 12 months in a year.

The cyclic significance of the number 12 means that it can be used to symbolise eternity. For this reason 12 red roses really is the ultimate romantic gesture!
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